Several Art Pieces Featured on FineArt America

Since moving all of my artwork to FineArt America, I've spent time exploring the site and learning about other artists and their work. I've discovered many artists that create art I love, so I've started sharing those on my TMPixArt Facebook page and my Tracy Ruckman Pinterest. If you love exploring art like I do, feel free to follow me on any of those accounts (and on my FineArt America and Pixels accounts, too!) - maybe I'll share other artists you'll want to follow and support, too. 

In the past two weeks, I've been thrilled and honored to learn that some of my art has been featured by various groups within FineArt America.

Majestic Grand Canyon by Tracy Ruckman has been featured twice.

Cotton Sky by Tracy Ruckman:

Photographic prints, canvas prints, and wall art of several varieties (posters, wood, metal, etc.) are available for all my art work. Merchandise is available for some images, but varies based on image and product, but could include greeting cards, phone cases, tapestries, fleece blankets, beach blankets, bath towels, shower curtains, and more). 

Art on the Move

I'm happy to announce that all of my artwork is now available exclusively on FineArt America and Pixels, just in time for Cyber Monday sales.

My art is available as:

Wall Art:

Home Decor:

Stationery & Tech:

Bags & Mats:

All of my art is not on every type of product. I chose which items provided the best representation of my work and made only those available. 

I do think they're missing one sales area, though. 

They offer beautiful, round beach towels, like this Seashore Along the Outer Banks:

Make one cut, hem the edges, and they've got another product. A Christmas tree skirt. Wouldn't these work great for that?

Christmas Craze:

Holiday Abstract in Blue:

I add art to my store regularly, so please check often to find just the perfect piece.

Thank you for supporting my efforts!

New Release: State by State Prayer Journal

We're excited to announce the release of our new State by State Prayer Journal.

This State by State Prayer Journal provides the perfect solution for recording specific
prayers and requests for each of our United States and territories. Follow and document current events to help you pray for our nation as we are called to do. Inside, you’ll find individual pages for each state, plus Washington, D.C., and the five unincorporated territories.

We’ve included prompts for ties to each state, government & business leaders, business & industry, agriculture, weather, spiritual, and more. Additional pages are provided for writing out prayers and for journaling your prayer time.

Available on Amazon.

New Release: Jot it Down Camping Journal

We're excited to announce the release of two new journals.

Jot it Down Camping Journal

Keep this journal handy to record all the details of your camping trips.

Perfect logbook for:

• Tent campers
• RV campers
• Car campers
• Hikers
• Family camping trips

Makes a great memory keepsake book and serves as a valuable resource for future trips. Inside, you’ll find easy fill-in forms for campgrounds, weather conditions, mileage, and other trip stats, plus lined note pages for recording all your adventures and experiences.

We’ve also included some handy checklists to help with planning, packing, and travel.

Available on Amazon.

Art featuring the Grand Canyon

We visited the Grand Canyon National Park in the final days of winter - snow was still on the ground, and falling from the sky, so we didn't stay long. (This southern girl doesn't do snow!)

I took tons of photos and finally had a few moments to put one of my favorites on some merchandise:

Prints are also available in a variety of sizes. 
View and purchase all my travel art at: 

We're blogging our #LeapFrogs Road Trip on my personal blog, so feel free to follow our journey at

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New Seashells Art

I finally had a few quiet moments in a library to work on some of my art!

When we were traveling along the east coast, I picked up a few seashells here and there as we walked along the beach. One day, I took a few of them and played with them on different surfaces. My favorite was on a boardwalk and I love how these products turned out:

Prints and canvas are also available. View all my travel art at

We're blogging our #LeapFrogs Road Trip on my personal blog. Feel free to follow our journey at

For the Hunters

As we compiled the fishing journals, someone asked about hunting journals, so we created one of those, too!

Keep this handy hunting log to record all your hunting trips. Great for all seasons and all species. Record date, location, moon phases, weather, terrain, conditions, and trail notes, and loadouts.

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Who's Ready for Fishing Season?

TMPixArt is pleased to announce the release of three new fishing journals, just in time for fishing season! Interiors are all the same - just pick whichever style you like best!

Keep a record of your fishing trips in this handy journal.

Document the weather, moon phase, water conditions and depth, location, tackle, and more. Over time, these journals will come in handy to help you remember the best fishing holes or explain why that one green lure is your favorite.

This journal provides pages for 100 fishing days and room for notes and illustrations, too.

Our original fishing journal is still available, too!

Exciting Announcement: New Designs Now Available!

In case you missed the news, my husband and I (aka #LeapFrogs - read about our journey on my personal blog: are on a year-long+ road trip all around the USA! We took the leap on January 8 and have been tent camping and car camping our way, town by town, state by state. As we've tried to settle into a travel routine (I'm convinced there's no such thing), my designing time has been limited.

But today, I'm excited to announce that several of my pattern designs are now available on Spoonflower. You can purchase the designs as fabric, wallpaper, or gift wrap. If you purchase any of my designs as fabric or wallpaper, be sure to take pictures and send them to me - I'd love to feature you and your project here to inspire others!

This is my mom's favorite pattern:

This is one of my most popular patterns so far:

After all the time we've spent in Texas, this one now looks like it would work for a Christmas theme or a western theme.

These are screenshots (to protect my designs from pirates), but you can see the clarity and detail at the Spoonflower links. I have fabric samples of them all, and am highly pleased with the print quality.

Check out all my other patterns on my Spoonflower store. I'll be adding more designs, so check back regularly. And don't forget to send in photos! I'd love to feature you!

UPDATE: My designs are now also available on Roostery (curtains, bed linens, table linens, and more).

My Dream Journal: A Notebook for Tracking and Interpreting Dreams

Do you have vivid dreams like I tend to do?

I wanted some way to keep track of all my dreams, so I could research and interpret them, and then recall them later.

Today, we release My Dream Journal: A Notebook for Tracking and Interpreting Dreams.

Keep this handy journal at your bedside with a pen so that whenever you have a dream, you can record as much as you remember as quickly as you can. (If you’re anything like me, as soon as my brain kicks into gear for the day, half my dreams have vanished.)

This diary helps you keep track of dreams and gives you space for interpretation and questions that arise from those dreams.

The journal includes journal pages and storyboards to record key elements of your dream and then room to record your research and revelation.

The interpretation pages let you assemble all your information, and to make note of any particular conditions (moods, foods, etc.) so you can track your dreams and determine whether any patterns develop.

Recording your dreams as soon as you wake will help you remember them later, and awaken your memory when you forget.

Now Available on Amazon.

* NOTE: I am a Christian, so I believe that some of my dreams come from the Lord. He speaks to me at times through some of my dreams. (Not all of them - I have to pray and seek guidance of the Holy Spirit with every dream.) I don't usually seek outside interpretation - I trust God to show me through His Word and His Holy Spirit what it is I need to know as I examine each dream. I do, however, use dream dictionaries to help me look for symbolism in my dreams, and through those symbols, I can then interpret the dream's meaning. The Holy Spirit never fails to enlighten me as I'm reading in the dictionary.

The site I use for the dream dictionary is DreamMoods, but please note this is not a recommendation for interpretations from that site. I don't know anything about them, except that the dictionary is extensive.

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Be sure to check out all our art and merchandise on Zazzle and Amazon.

We appreciate your support!

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Exciting News: Changes, New Releases, and a Contest

Fishing Memories and Tall Tales

Every fisherman has at least one story of "the one that got away," don't we?

I've fished all my life and have entirely too many of those stories. Once, I landed a fish so big, it kept turning the boat in circles. No lie. No exaggeration. I still know the exact spot, time of year, and the lure I lost that day when the line finally broke.

My dad was the consummate fisherman. We lived on the lake, and he went fishing almost every single day when I was growing up. He'd take us kids with him - one per day - every evening after work.

Recently, my sister discovered some of his old fishing journals, where he recorded fishing days, weather, water depth, tackle used, locations, catches, and even an occasional personal note that gave us great joy as we read over them. He told about acquiring a new boat, or he'd mention one of us and the fish we caught or a conversation we had. A precious find.

This week, TMPixArt is proud to announce the release of their own Fishing Journal: Record Conditions, Catches, Tackles, and Tales.

This book is 5" x 8" - small enough to fit into the bottom of a tackle box (I suggest tucking it inside a waterproof bag) or your lunch box, but with enough pages to record 100 fishing days. 

The interior pages allow you to document the date, body of water, weather, moon phase, fishing holes of the day, catches, water conditions and depth, tackle, tales, and notes. 

Who knows? Your recordings could eventually become a treasured family heirloom. Or at least provide some evidence to back up your stories about the fish that got away!

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Exciting News: Changes, New Releases, and a Contest

Meet the Artist: Vickie Emms

NOTE: As I transition my art efforts to this TMPixArt blog from my personal blog at, I will be sharing art posts that were originally published on that site earlier this year. While the posts may be duplicates, my body of art, and the body of art created by my guests has grown and expanded. Because of this, I invite you to visit their websites and explore their art even if you read the blog post previously - you might be surprised to find a new favorite somewhere along the way!

Meet the Artist: Vickie Emms
(originally published here)

Today, I'm happy to introduce a new artist friend, Vickie Emms.

Vickie, what type of art do you create?

I offer my own photography for sale on POD websites on products they offer.

I am  a member of Redbubble and Zazzle where I have 4 stores, one of which
is totally my photography, called DiamondW_Photography.

I also create designs from elements I purchase on the internet from commercial use sites and add them to products on either of two of my stores on Zazzle, one of which is DiamondWillowDesigns and the other is a niche store of totally Plaids/Tartans, which originate from Scotland and offers products with those plaids on them on dozens of products in ThePlaidShop.

This is a magnet offered on Zazzle from a photo of a Scarlet Macaw taken in Mexico.

A favorite design from Zazzle would be tartan pillows from The Plaid Shop.

How did you get started creating this particular type of art?

Photography has always been my love and just making photos for sale wasn't satisfying enough.  I started designing wedding invitations, shower invitations, wrapping paper and greeting cards, plus hundreds of other items that were fun to do.  After buying Photoshop CS5, the products just became a natural to me.  I love seeing end results, and specially sales! 

Tell us the story behind ONE of your favorite creations.

One of the highlights of my photography travel was visiting Alaska in 2009.  This is the most popular photo from that trip.

On the Way to Haines Alaska

Explore Vickie's shops at: 

Zazzle: Diamond Willow
Zazzle: The Plaid Shop

About the Artist:

Vickie was born in Scotland in June, 1945. She is married,  and is a mother of three grown daughters and has 7 beautiful grandchildren. As well, Vickie and her husband Fred have 8 foster grandchildren, who are no different to them as their own.

She lives in Manitoba, Canada, one of the prairie provinces. Most of her scenery is from those areas, although she lives close to the eastern lakes area of the province called the Canadian Shield and visits and camps in her favorite parks often. She LOVES the Canadian Rocky Mountains and travels almost every summer to Alberta to camp and photograph those beautiful icons.

She and her husband have been married 50 wonderful years, and travel quite a bit, usually within Canada and the United States.  So you will see a mixed bag of shots from both countries.  They have caught the travel bug the last couple of winters and have visited the Bahamas, Cancun, Mexico and the Dominican Republic and a couple of trips to Las Vegas.

She loves photography, camping, traveling, crafts, flower gardening and music.  She has been taking photographs most of her life, upgrading to the newest cameras as they came on the market.  Now with digital, she is having the time of her life.  She's had photos published in Canadian Wildlife, a magazine by the Canadian Wildlife Federation.   She has had photos published in Our Canada and More Our Canada and in the August/September issue of 2018 another is being published of a Cedar Waxwing eating Mountain Ash berries.

Meet the Artist: Donna Cervelli

NOTE: As I transition my art efforts to this TMPixArt blog from my personal blog at, I will be sharing art posts that were originally published on that site earlier this year. While the posts may be duplicates, my body of art, and the body of art created by my guests has grown and expanded. Because of this, I invite you to visit their websites and explore their art even if you read the blog post previously - you might be surprised to find a new favorite somewhere along the way!

Meet the Artist: Donna Cervelli
(originally published here)

Today, I'd like to introduce you to photo artist and graphic designer Donna Cervelli.

Hi, Donna! Welcome to our art space.

What type of art do you create?

Currently my work is a blend of fine art and graphic design. Over the years my work has evolved. I’ve work in different mediums and I think that shows in my current work. Photography, which was once a hobby for me, has become more of a passion. With the ever changing technology in cell phones, the built-in cameras, make it even easier to take pictures. A lot of my current work starts out as nothing more than a garden photo or an evening sunset. By using filters and apps I alter the original photo, add text to achieve the final design. These designs have been known to show up on  products in my online POD (Print On Demand) store. For the past 18 months I have focused my attention on my POD that’s set up though my Zazzle store, HeART & Soul Artwork

I love creating art and my Zazzle store allows my to showcase my work on wide variety of products, everything from home decor to clothing and print products, such as invitations. 

How did you get started creating this particular type of art? 

I started my store on Zazzle about a year and half ago.  Prior to that I worked for a major newspaper in Chicago, for over 15 years. I was a senior designer in advertising and created ads for the newspaper. In addition to my full time job I did freelance work; everything from logo designs and business cards to acrylic paintings. Within the last five years I’ve my creative focus leaned more toward my painting. I opened up on online store with Fine Art America mainly to sell affordable prints of my work. Like other Print On Demand companies, Fine Art America, also prints artwork on products, such as phone case, pillows, tote bags, etc. Through a referral from a friend, I checked out Zazzle in January of 2017. I opened a store and tested it out. I didn’t take it too seriously, as there were a lot of personal changes going at on the same time. Later in the year, around June, I decided to pursue Zazzle on a full-time basis. While most of the work in my store is based on my photography and graphic designs, I have also incorporated some of my more recent paintings.

Tell us the story behind one of your favorite creations.

That would be my EARTH DAY is Every Day design. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd. But I feel it should be recognized throughout the year. I believe we should, reuse, reclaim and recycle whenever we can. With that in mind I wanted to design a logo that could be used all year round. Since I love gardening and have so many photos of my gardens, I decided to incorporate them into the design. That’s when I came up with the heart shaped collage with photos taken of my various flower beds. The green texture within the words Earth Day, is actually a close up photo of plant leaves.

Find Donna on the web to learn more about her art:

About the Artist:

Donna was born in and grew up in Chicago. As long as she remember she has loved art and the arts.  When Donna was 10 years her parents signed her up for weekly art classes, at the home of a local artist who taught adults and children. There, Donna learned the basics of art such as shapes, color and composition. She worked in several mediums and painted landscapes and still life. Several years after high school Donna attended the American Academy of Art in downtown Chicago. Her areas of study were illustration, lettering and design, and advertising. Donna went on to work for the Chicago Tribune Newspaper, as an ad designer in the creative department. Wherever life takes Donna, her art work is always there in one form or another. Currently she has a print on demand online store, through Zazzle which allows her to showcase and sell her artwork and designs.