Peppermint Party in Pink Collection

NOTE: As I transition my art efforts to this TMPixArt blog from my personal blog at, I will be sharing art posts that were originally published on that site earlier this year. While the posts may be duplicates, my body of art, and the body of art created by my guests has grown and expanded. Because of this, I invite you to visit their websites and explore their art even if you read the blog post previously - you might be surprised to find a new favorite somewhere along the way!

Peppermint Party in Pink
by Tracy Ruckman
(originally published here)

When I began creating patterns, I did so rather randomly, which helped me learn. In the process, I created some fun designs I never expected or planned.

One series of designs came from one of my favorite flower photos:

Like many of my earlier photos, this one was too small to use as is, so I first enhanced it digitally to get this image that I've used on greeting cards and this paperweight:

Then I got pattern happy and came up with several unusual patterns perfect for any of the pink lovers in your life! Because of the stripes and the color, I created a new collection that I'm calling the Peppermint Party!

I love the way these reversible duvet covers came out with the Peppermint Party patterns:

Front and Back

Front and Back

I love that all my designs can be personalized with names, initials, phrases to make it your very own. 

I custom design merchandise for clients, too, adding patterns or logos to products for their use personally or professionally. Last week, one client requested a pattern design from a photo they provided; another client asked for a logo design and then we put that logo and images of some of their business products on merchandise. Feel free to send me an email if you have need of a custom project.

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