We're Growing!

TMPixArt has taken on a life of its own and we're growing, so we're setting up a new website. On my Tracy Ruckman blog, I'll continue posting about my books, my writing,
and other general posts. This new TMPixArt blog will be devoted to art, photography, and design. I'll continue to invite guests to visit, to introduce you to other artists I meet in my journey.

As I've set up the blog here today, I've brought in most of the art posts of this year from my Tracy Ruckman blog. I've put a note at the top of each one, so you'll know I've republished it here. But from this point forward, all posts will be new and exclusive to this blog.

Thanks for traveling with us on this exciting journey!

For anyone new to the blog, a little more information:

TMPixArt is the artistic branch of TMP Books, a book publishing company I founded in 2014. In addition to the art, patterns, designs, and merchandise, TMPixArt is now also publishing several lines of specialty books. I'll announce those in future posts.

You can learn more about TMP Books on our website: www.TMPbooks.com and more about our founder, Tracy Ruckman, on her personal blog at www.TracyRuckman.com.

TMPixArt can be found on Zazzle, and Amazon. We also custom design our images, and create logos and merchandise for marketing clients.

You can also find us on social media:

TMP Books
Tracy Ruckman, Author
Tracy Ruckman

Tracy Ruckman
TMP Books

Tracy Ruckman

Tracy Ruckman

Recent posts:

We're Growing
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Be sure to check out all our art and merchandise on

Zazzle and Amazon.

We appreciate your support!

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