Inspired by Travel: Paris

I've had some questions and comments lately specifically about my Eiffel Tower and
Venice images, I realized I'd never shared the stories about those photos. Today I'll focus on the Paris photos, then on Monday, I'll share the Venice story.

Eiffel Tower Ornament
To answer the most asked question bluntly: Yes, I took these photos myself. No, they are not stock or purchased images from someone else.

In 2001, I won a trip to Venice through an online trivia contest sponsored by an airline and a major hotel chain that had just renovated several properties worldwide. I came in second in the contest (first place was a million airline miles, if I remember correctly). For my second place win, I had a choice of several locations but I didn't even think twice when I saw Venice as one of the options.

The only problem was - the airline didn't fly into the Venice airport, so our journey was rather intensive and involved a 24-hour layover in Paris. Definitely no complaints!

I knew jet lag would be an issue, so I reserved a hotel room in the 7th arrondissement in Paris so we could rest a bit, but my plan was to absorb as much of the city as I could in those 24 hours.

The city captured my heart, like it has for so many others.

My mother had given me a weird kind of camera before the trip. In 2001, of course it wasn't digital, but it had some weird "automatic" film cartridges in it, and took panoramic photos, so it was the latest rage at the time.

I snapped dozens of photos, but was always cautious about how many I was shooting, because I had only brought a limited number of those cartridges, and I was sure I couldn't find others elsewhere. (One reason I really love digital cameras now - I never run out of film!)

I was mesmerized by so much of the architecture in Paris, including the Eiffel Tower.

When I got home, I had the film developed, and I chose my favorites to put in a special photo album of our trip. I stored the other photos in their pouches with the film cartridges. We moved a couple of times after that, and somewhere in the move, I lost all the photos except those in the photo album, so these images are precious to me.

But with time and aging of the photos, the quality is disappearing, so when I began creating art, I selected a few of my photos and digitally enhanced them to use on Zazzle.

The Gare D'Orsay image in graphic detail makes a great jigsaw puzzle, doesn't it?

These two Eiffel Tower images have turned into some of my best selling merchandise on tote bags, wall art, notebooks, and keepsake boxes!

Eiffel Tower Canvas

Eiffel Tower Keepsake Box

Twenty-four hours in Paris was definitely not long enough, but I'm grateful for the time I spent there. 

We finally made it to Venice, by way of plane and train. On Monday, I'll share those stories. 

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