Fishing Memories and Tall Tales

Every fisherman has at least one story of "the one that got away," don't we?

I've fished all my life and have entirely too many of those stories. Once, I landed a fish so big, it kept turning the boat in circles. No lie. No exaggeration. I still know the exact spot, time of year, and the lure I lost that day when the line finally broke.

My dad was the consummate fisherman. We lived on the lake, and he went fishing almost every single day when I was growing up. He'd take us kids with him - one per day - every evening after work.

Recently, my sister discovered some of his old fishing journals, where he recorded fishing days, weather, water depth, tackle used, locations, catches, and even an occasional personal note that gave us great joy as we read over them. He told about acquiring a new boat, or he'd mention one of us and the fish we caught or a conversation we had. A precious find.

This week, TMPixArt is proud to announce the release of their own Fishing Journal: Record Conditions, Catches, Tackles, and Tales.

This book is 5" x 8" - small enough to fit into the bottom of a tackle box (I suggest tucking it inside a waterproof bag) or your lunch box, but with enough pages to record 100 fishing days. 

The interior pages allow you to document the date, body of water, weather, moon phase, fishing holes of the day, catches, water conditions and depth, tackle, tales, and notes. 

Who knows? Your recordings could eventually become a treasured family heirloom. Or at least provide some evidence to back up your stories about the fish that got away!

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