Meet the Artist: Mark Spivey

NOTE: As I transition my art efforts to this TMPixArt blog from my personal blog at, I will be sharing art posts that were originally published on that site earlier this year. While the posts may be duplicates, my body of art, and the body of art created by my guests has grown and expanded. Because of this, I invite you to visit their websites and explore their art even if you read the blog post previously - you might be surprised to find a new favorite somewhere along the way!

Meet the Artist: Mark Spivey
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Today's featured artist, Mark Spivey, lives in Australia. Last week, I spotted his adorable designs on some metal lunch boxes, and knew I wanted to share his work with all of you!

Mark, tell us about the type of art you create.
Dream Big

I am presently drawing fun cartoons of animals, birds, fish, insects, etc. I like to create pictures that have an element of humour or silliness. Much of my art is inspired by growing up in the Western Australian countryside in Albany and observing the funny side of creatures that live there as well as the farm animals and ocean life.

I sell my art printed on clothing, mugs, greeting cards and many household items though my Zazzle store. That way it is being used in a practical way and is seen and enjoyed.

How did you get started creating this particular type of art?

Funny Fish Fishing
I was always interested in drawing from an early age and did very well at school art
classes but was not encouraged to pursue it as a career so I studied electronics instead. I used to also read a lot of old farm style cartoon books from artists in Australia and New Zealand and this has influenced the style I use today.

In my late 20s and 30s, I experimented with drawing small cartoons on paper and colouring in pencil and making these into magnets to sell at a local petrol (gas) station to tourists, which was successful. A couple of years later I also became interested in playing music and began recording CDs and doing the same which also did quite well. This convinced me that yes, there was a way to produce art and actually make it pay the bills.

In 2012, I discovered POD services like CafePress and Zazzle and began to work with a computer and drawing tablet. But it wasn’t until recently (after getting married and working long hours to pay a mortgage) that I was able to devote some real time into my drawings, which is what I do after work and on weekends now.

As I work on the road in my job (Community Aged Care) I usually do rough sketches on paper during lunch breaks and scan these into my computer when I’m home before creating the final result with drawing software.

To draw and colour digitally I use an old Wacom DTI 520 (hard to find these days) that I purchased off eBay which allows me to draw directly onto a computer screen and this works for me.

Share the story behind one of your favorite creations. 

Frog Artist
I always was a big frog fan from an early age, catching frogs and tadpoles (living near a creek does that for a small boy) so this picture which was originally meant to just be part of my store logo ended up being printed on a number of smaller items such as this coffee mug.

Learn more about Mark and his art at his websites and Zazzle store:

Website: The Frog Factory

Zazzle: The Frog Factory

Music Website: Mark's Music Australia

About the Artist:

Mark Spivey is an artist and musician living in Perth Australia who draws fun cartoon style designs of fish, birds, animals and other cool stuff for kids and adults who are kids at heart.

His sense of silliness and whimsicality (is that a word?) printed on customisable everyday items is designed to add some colour and happiness to your day.

When Mark is not drawing he is supporting the elderly in the community, playing music at his local church and sometimes actually doing what his wife asks him to do.

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