Christmas Cats, Gingerbread Men, and Flying Reindeer

I love experimenting with different patterns and trying them on different products.

My latest experiments focused on Christmas patterns, and I shared some of those in this previous post. But then I took my experiments to another level and began using them with shapes.

Several years ago, I snapped a photo of a cute display in a home improvement store. I was snap happy that year, just grabbing shots of anything that caught my interest, for no other reason than soaking in the holidays. A couple of months ago, I was scrolling through some files looking for something else, and the photo caught my attention, so I began playing with patterns.

This silly photo took on a life of its own with patterns.

Then I played with shapes for some other products and created several with these fun Christmas critters.

These Christmas cats are proving themselves so popular, I've set up their own Cat Collection and will be adding to it with other patterns in coming weeks.

Christmas Cats:

All of my Christmas critters and patterns can be explored in my Christmas Theme collection. Don't forget, you can personalize most products, too, with names, dates, or other words and phrases.

After I discovered the shape designs, I pulled in some other patterns that were more solid in design to create different shapes. 

Flying Reindeer was my first.

Flying Reindeer: Water Bottle, Wrapping Paper, T-shirt

My favorite shape this season has to be this Gingerbread Man!

Gingerbread Man: Water Bottle, Wrapping Paper

I love being surprised by patterns, designs, art, especially when they take on a life of their own, like these shared today. 

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