My Dream Journal: A Notebook for Tracking and Interpreting Dreams

Do you have vivid dreams like I tend to do?

I wanted some way to keep track of all my dreams, so I could research and interpret them, and then recall them later.

Today, we release My Dream Journal: A Notebook for Tracking and Interpreting Dreams.

Keep this handy journal at your bedside with a pen so that whenever you have a dream, you can record as much as you remember as quickly as you can. (If you’re anything like me, as soon as my brain kicks into gear for the day, half my dreams have vanished.)

This diary helps you keep track of dreams and gives you space for interpretation and questions that arise from those dreams.

The journal includes journal pages and storyboards to record key elements of your dream and then room to record your research and revelation.

The interpretation pages let you assemble all your information, and to make note of any particular conditions (moods, foods, etc.) so you can track your dreams and determine whether any patterns develop.

Recording your dreams as soon as you wake will help you remember them later, and awaken your memory when you forget.

Now Available on Amazon.

* NOTE: I am a Christian, so I believe that some of my dreams come from the Lord. He speaks to me at times through some of my dreams. (Not all of them - I have to pray and seek guidance of the Holy Spirit with every dream.) I don't usually seek outside interpretation - I trust God to show me through His Word and His Holy Spirit what it is I need to know as I examine each dream. I do, however, use dream dictionaries to help me look for symbolism in my dreams, and through those symbols, I can then interpret the dream's meaning. The Holy Spirit never fails to enlighten me as I'm reading in the dictionary.

The site I use for the dream dictionary is DreamMoods, but please note this is not a recommendation for interpretations from that site. I don't know anything about them, except that the dictionary is extensive.

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